What we offer

What we offer

We want to help you make efficient strategic decisions through the generation and analysis of information on tourism. To obtain the data, we develop surveys and programme focus groups and supervise Delphi panels. We provide strategic tourism plans to both the public and private sectors. We are experts in the analysis of supply and demand and employ the most sophisticated and reliable methods and technologies. Our objective is to go beyond the writing and delivery of reports; we implement and monitor them right to the end. We believe that monitoring and measuring any public tourism policy is essential for the development of sustainable tourism, so we measure the economic, social and environmental impacts.

  1. 1
    • Presentation of proposals for public projects in R&D and RDI.

    • Generation of databases and publication and marketing of reports that are aimed at both the public sector and private investors and that can also increase knowledge of the resource and help to make more efficient strategic decisions.

    • Implementation and analysis of:
      –focus groups and
      –expert panels

    • Analysis of stakeholders’ perceptions in tourism destinations:
      –Business people
      –Public sector

  2. 2
    Applied Research
    • Analyzing supply and demand in the tourism market for destinations and products:

    • Reports:
      –Tourism Business Climate index
      –Tourism consumer confidence index
      –Competitivenes index

    • Tourism Impact Analysis.

    • Event Impact Analysis.

    • Promotional Impact Analysis:

      – Economic
      – Environmental
      – Social

  3. 3
    • A Public Consulting:
      –Development and analysis of tourism planning
      –Advice in tourism and economic policy
      –Design and development of new tourism products
      –Preparing and implementing destination tourism strategies
      –Analyzing tourism destinations´ competitiveness
      –Managing and designing the contents of web site contents related with tourism

    • A Private Consulting:
      –Analyzing tourist companies’ competitiveness
      –SWOT analysis
      –Advice in skills of negotiation with tour operators
      –Hotel Management Consulting
      –Outsourcing evaluation
      –Focus on company’s added- value
      –Development viability studies
      –Strategic planning
      –Implementing the recommendations and strategies (culture, incentives, organizational agreement)

  4. 4
    Training and education
    • -Design, coordination and execution of training and education programs.