About us

Imagine Tourism is a spin- off company created in 2009 by the members of a research group from the University of The Balearic Islands (UIB).

We are doctors of economics who specialise in tourism in general and in the tourism of the Balearic Islands in particular.

The company’s core aim is to transfer the knowledge in tourism economics and environmental economics from the academic world into the society with innovative products.

Due to the interdisciplinary and international nature of tourism, we firmly believe in collaboration. By collaborating with other international companies and research centres, we can provide solutions all along the tourism value chain anywhere in the world.


Graphic Imagine Tourism
  • Editor of the 1st White Paper on Tourism in the Balearic Islands (1987) and co-editor of the 2nd (2009).

  • Editor of the reports on Tourist Expenditure in the Balearic Islands (1984-2004).

  • Study on the determinant factors for the design of itineraries on luxury cruise ships (2005).

  • The Economic Impact of Palma de Mallorca Airport (2000-2001).

  • Attitudes of residents in mature destinations (2005-2006).

  • Competitiveness of tourism regions, environmental restrictions and sustainable development (2004-2009).

  • Design of high value-added products and marketing at Dynamic Packaging (2006).

  • Development of new segments in the tourism market.

Manages the company Imagine Tourism. Professor at the UIB. He was President of the International Association for Tourism Economics (IATE). Member of the International Academy for the Study of Tourism.

Manages the company Imagine Tourism. Lecturer at the UIB. Head researcher of "New approaches to the analysis of competitiveness and sustainability in tourism economies. The case of the Balearic Islands".

Lecturer of Applied Economics at the University of the Balearic Islands, graduate in Economic and Business Sciences from the University of Barcelona, and Doctor in Economic Sciences from the University of the Balearic Islands.

Lecturer at the UIB. He has been a coordinator and academic co-director of the Master's course in Tourism and Environmental Economics. He is currently Vice-President of the International Association for Tourism Economics.

Graduate in Economics from the University of the Pacific (Peru). In Spain, he has studied for a Master's degree in Microfinance and Social Development, Tourism Economics and the Environment.